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Tag your music with ease!

SyncMoodTag makes it easy for Film/TV songwriters and composers to create “tags” for their music with genres, sub-genres, moods, and keywords. A must for those who write production music for libraries! Over 1200 tags!

Features include:

  • Tags are well categorized to make it easy to find what you are looking for. No need to search through long, alphabetized lists!
    • Mood tags are categorized such as: “Happy”, “Sad”, “Attitude”, etc.
    • Genre tags are categorized with sub-genres for Rock, Country, Pop, etc.
    • Keyword tags are categorized such as: Sports, Reality TV, Drama, etc.
  • Simple interface with checkboxes that creates a text string of tags as often asked for by music libraries.
  • Tags can be copied to the clipboard for easy paste into spreadsheets or music library website fields.
  • Tags for songs can be saved to and loaded from data files.
  • Supports export to .csv files.
  • Can set a limit for the number of tags for sub-genres, moods, and keywords.
Check out our instructional video on tagging songs with SyncMoodTag!